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CentOS Linux Template Networking Issue

If you have every created a linux virtual machine template you’ve probably experienced the issue where a new ethernet device would be created on each VM instance created from that template. For those that have not found the resolution to this problem are in for a treat if your working with CentOS or RHEL. All thats needed is to delete the “/etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules” file right before you shutdown the vm and make it a template.


oVirt 3.3 is now released

oVirt 3.3 is now release. If you have no idea what oVirt is or what it’s used for put simply it’s pretty similar to VMware vCenter except open source and doesn’t manage ESX. oVirt is a centralized management solution used to manage KVM hosts and GlusterFS as well as other aspects of your virtualization environment. If your just looking to create and manage virtual machines, oVirt has you convered and includes many of those got to have features like HA and live migration.