How will the Citrix acquisition of change the game?

If you haven’t heard Citrix acquired developer of CloudStack which is an open source  Infrastructure as a Service cloud computing platform. More details on this can be read here. I have deployed and use CloudStack with open source hypervisors, KVM and Xen, with great success and ease. CloudStack is hypervisor agnostic and also supports VMware vSphere. CloudStack provides that front end self service and multi tenant layer so to make virtual infrastructure provisioning and management simplier.

When I heard about the acquisition by Citrix I really didn’t know what to think. Is this and good thing for the CloudStack and it’s community? Is Citrix going to swoop in and move this open source project further and faster in it’s goals to be the best cloud computing platforms? Citrix claims that their going to keep the project open source and actively develop CloudStack. And hopefully Citrix holds true to support their RESTfull API, continue support for the Amazon web services API, and provide full support for the OpenStack API. Citrix obviously sees the ship has sailed with cloud computing and they are trying to position themselves well in this space.

Thinking about it the aquisition could be a really good thing for the community if Citrix keeps it’s promises and delivers. I’m a “Cup is half full” type of guy though, what do you think?