Is VMware changing tactics?

I was reading a blog post over at DoubleCould, “What VMware Didn’t Tell You About Nicira Deal” which could be read here written by Steve Jin. He writes about how VMware has a new vision and points out a few key indicators as to why. Some of what he mentioned reminded me of a post I did a little over a year ago, “Is Opensource driving the Cloud?” which can be found here. Basically I talked about how opensource and free or low cost solutions that revolve around application stacks, hypervisors and on to orchestration was shaping the cloud as we know it. Change is inevitable and I’m sure VMware didn’t just all of a sudden wake up and notice this themselves but it’s going to be interesting to see what VMware does over the next year or so. One of VMwares biggest downsides, in my opinion, is that most of VMwares solutions are pretty much geared to only interoperating with other VMware solutions and components. It makes sense because who should know better how to integrate their solutions right. I think it would be a big win if VMware could provide solutions that worked with non VMware hypervisors and different cloud service providers like Amazon. Not sure if this is a change in tactics or just the road to an evolutionary process which is bond to happen in order for VMware to remain a big player in this virtualization and cloud space.