Microsoft updates it IaaS pricing model

This week Microsoft announced their new IaaS pricing and a couple changes stand out.

  • No charge for powered off VMs
  • per minute billing
  • This is weeks after Google announced their Google Compute Cloud IaaS offering which those two things as differentiators from its competitors. So I don’t think it was coincidental that Microsoft followed suite. Last week I did a blog post about using the cloud for lab which can be found here. This new billing model would fit this lab use case I talked about.

    Microsofts change in their pricing model for cloud services indicate that the competition is starting materialize into benefits for the consumer. I think Microsoft sees that having better features and functionality is not enough to pull and steer the hordes of customer to its services. I’m not saying that cost is everything but it has a big influence in the decision making process whether your a big enterprise, a startup or even a single person.