Microsofts take on being VMLimited.

Microsoft seems to have something to say about being virtualization focused in a cloud age. Server virtualization alone does not make a cloud as we should all know by now. Microsoft seems to be hinting that a certain company (VMware) is dishing out virtualization to it’s customers and calling it cloud. If anything, the video is funny and at least shows that Microsoft knows the difference between the two. I happen to take what one company says about another company with a grain of salt, especially when they are competitors.

If your in the know or have done your own research you’ll know that VMware is not just into server virtualization. VMware has a pretty large ecosystem of products and platforms that are available today plus on their road map of things to come that is not just related to server virtualization. While VMware may not have it’s own Cloud, they are an enabler for other companies and cloud providers. From this perspective VMware is able to form some uniformity or standardization between cloud providers allowing much more flexibility to the customer.

Either way I love the entertaining attacks on video where companies poke fun at one another. Keep them coming.