VMware Hands on Lab beta will be open soon.

The public beta for VMware’s online Hands on Labs will be opening soon. If you have any interest in testing it out you should get registered now for this public beta. Register here.

This should be a great way to see and work with VMware products before having to purchase them or having to setup a lab environment of your own. I wonder if this is going to be a freely available service from VMware in the long run or not. I truly doubt that it will be but i hope to be proven wrong. There are plenty of ways that VMware could make this available. My hopes would be that at the very least VMworld subscriptions would include this service. This would also be a great free perk for vExperts as well. And if VMTN subscriptions were brought back, the HOL could be included with it. This is all wishful thinking though.

Either way, the more people that register and use the online beta the more perceived demand there will be.