New HP P4000 Unified NAS Gateway

On April 5 HP will release a new addition to the P4000 product line named the P4000 Unified NAS Gateway. This feature adds file-level storage to the P4000 iSCSI SAN family.

Here are a few of the basic features:

– Windows Storage Server based; integrates easily into existing Windows server environments

– Allows for both file and block level storage on the P4000 SAN

– Single Instance Store (SIS) capability reduces redundant file storage and can reduce file storage by as much as 35%

– Requires no Client Access Licenses (CALs), reducing cost when compared to traditional Windows file servers

– Optimized for file storage, gaining 20-30% performance over traditional file servers

– Comes with the P4000 Central Management Console pre-installed, and can act as a head-unit for the SAN

– Compatible with any new or existing P4000 SAN running SANiQ 7.0 or higher

More information can be found here.