New toys for the lab HP Next Gen Blades and Flex 10

I have some new toys for our lab this week. The HP BL495c G5 blade, Flex 10 virtual connect modules for network, and fiber virtual connect modules for storage. I can’t say enough about the cClass blade server line and architecture. They are very easy to manage and are very reliable. I have been working with HP BL and DL severs for years now and they have come a long way. HP has released their G6 modules which include better cooling, lower power consumption but with more scalability, solid state drives, and newer processors.

I can’t wait to configure a new Vmware ESX cluster using the BL495c blades and Flex 10. My only worry is with the non hot swappable solid state drives. I am just so use to not having to shutdown a system to replace a hard drive. Hopefully, since there are no moving parts in the SSD’s they will have a much lower failure rate.

You can check out a video from HP here.