EMC VNX and VNXe Series

This week EMC announced its new VNX Family of storage products. Now when I first of the name I though of QNX which is an operating system I used to play with back in the day but there is of course no relation between the two. The VNXe offerings should be a long awaited and welcome product to those customers that have been looking for simple and easy storage with the EMC logo attached. While EMC storage is not entirely complex to configure and setup, it has not been as simple as I would have though it could be. The VNXe series offers iSCSI, NFS, and CIFS. Depending on which model you can have file de-duplication, compression, thin provisioning, and snapshots with disk type offerings of SAS and flash. Making all of this easy to manage, monitor, and deploy is EMC Unisphere. I have personally not used the product yet but I can’t wait to see just how easy and reliable the solutions are in this space for some of the smaller locations I’d need to deploy storage too.

Then there is the VNX series which adds the offerings of fiber channel and FCOE block protocols. Additional features like block compression, virtual provisioning, and SAN Copy. Plus a few more file protocols are available depending on which VNX model you get. I guess we will have to see what happens going forward but I think EMC has filled a missing gap within their storage products.

Check out the EMC Record Breaking Highlights if you missed the live showing here.


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