The Ubuntu Experience

So last week I took the plung and installed Ubuntu 8.10 64bit version on my HP Pavilion a6720f home pc. It has 6GB of ram, AMD Quad Core processor, and a 600gb hard drive. I previously had fedora 10 but wanted to try something different for a change to see what the Ubuntu craze is all about.

In the first few minutes after my system was installed and all updated I could see that the user experience was much more polished than that of fedora 10. When I needed flashplayer for the mozilla browser I did not have to go looking for an rpm package to install. I was prompted to install it automatically, it downloaded and configured the browser with no need for me going to a console. I was also prompted to configure third party drivers for my nvidia video card. Now, I have never seen this in fedora after an install but I was not going to it turn down. Again, the driver was downloaded and installed with the click of a button. Lastly, Ubuntu seems to be a bit more responsive. Applications just seemed to open quicker for me when compared to fedora on this same system. To me these are things that people expect from their desktop operating system and Ubuntu delivered for me.

Over all I’m glad I made the switch on my home pc to Ubuntu.