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    excellent quiz. do you have latest for vcp 4.1
    another doubt i have is, how do we know if the question is from 4.0 or 4.1 when appearing for vcp exam? many people say some questions are from 4.0 and some are from 4.1.. please help

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    Antone Heyward

    @ Shahzad I guess the key word is “need”. You will loss some functionality if it’s not on a domain but for the most part it will work. At least in my dealings with vCenter.

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    I noticed some discrepancies with some of the answers such as these here.

    vCenter 4 Server minimum requirements are?
    3GHz CPU, 3GB RAM, 3GB HD

    What is the minimum CPU speed required for vCenter Server?

    The minimum amount of disk space required for vCenter Server?

    One right answer says 3GHz processor and the other says 2GHz. Then it shows 3GB HD in one and 2GB HD in the other. I think it should be 2GHz CPU, 3GB RAM and 3GB hard disk

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