Lab Manager 4 at VMworld

I was a little surprised to see Curtis in this Vmworld Video Spot. I could not make it to Vmworld this year but I have had labs with Curtis before and he is very knowledgeable. Curtis was the Vmware Engineer assigned to support the company I currently work at. Recently he was promoted to an Architect within the company. Congrats and good luck to him!

I was also glad to see how well Lab Manager 4 seems to have worked at Vmworld for the virtual labs because I am looking at deploying it at my place of employment. First things first though, I still have plenty of work to do documenting the process for upgrading to vSphere4, plus the standard configurations, etc for our environment. Not to mention being a part of three datacenter migrations all in different regions (Asia, Europe, and America).

Either way check out the video and don’t forget to get over to and see all the videos taking at Vmworld2009.