VI3 Upgrade to vCenter4 Pt1 Video

IMG_0247v2These videos gives an overview of vCenter 4, walks through the user a simple upgrade from Vmware Infrastructure 3 to vCenter 4, and explains some things that should be considered before upgrading. Hope you like the videos and that they give useful information. The videos can be downloaded as well for your offline viewing pleasure for here.

The vCenter server is a central management server from Vmware for ESX. With vCenter multiple ESX host servers along with their resources and vm guests can be managed from one location. vCenter also provides additional advanced options and configurations that can enhance the management and redundancy of a multiple ESX host environment. Some features such as High Availability (HA), Distributed Resource Scheduling (DRS), Vmotion, and Storage Vmotion require vCenter. vCenter 4 adds new features like vCenter Linked Mode for managing multiple vCenter servers, Host Profiles to drive consistency between ESX hosts, Vmware vApp which pools vm guests together that makeup an application, the Distributed Virtual Switch, centralized licensing so there’s no more separate license server, Fault tolerance (FT), better performance charts, Storage Vmotion is now built into the GUI, and much more. More info found at