vCenter Operations bring Analytics

VMware has announce vCenter Operations for vSphere. Last year VMware acquired IT analytics firm Integrien and vCenter Operations is the one of the products derived from that acquisition. vCenter Operations is performance management for small to large vSphere environments and the cloud. The product is tightly integrated with vSphere 4 to include analytics from Integrien and CapacityIQ. VMware of course has an advantage over other products and collects key information and metrics which other can not at this time. And since VMware should know there hypervisor better than anyone else the information presented should be credible.

The product will come in 3 flavors vCenter Operations:


  • for smaller (<500) vmware deployment


  • deployment greater than 500


  • for heterogeneous environments (virtual & physical)
  • integration with 3rd party monitoring tools

Licensing will be per managed VM.

So I got to use the standard version of the product in a lab environment and the first thing that really shines with the product is how easy it was to deploy and setup. Minimum requirements for the appliance is 2 vcpu, 8gb of vram and vCenter Operation supports vSphere 4.0U2 & 4.1. The product is great and gives loads of useful information. It’s great that the product learns the behavior of the environment letting the user know what normal or not allowing you to be more proactive with performance and capacity management.

So far my main complaints would be that the appliance can only monitor a single vCenter server and there are no customizable dashboard features in standard and I think it will not be in Advanced either.

For more information check out the VMware landing page here.