vConverter 4 Standalone runs on Linux

VMware vConverter 4 standalone has support to run on linux. VMware vConverter 4 brings some new features and supported operating systems which you can read more about here.

The install process is simple:
(1) Download the latest Linux version of Converter Standalone from the VMware Web site:
(2) Unpack the tar.gz file:
tar -xvf VMware-converter-4.0.0-xxxxxx.tar.gz
(3) In terminal, navigate to the unpacked directory:
cd vmware-converter-distrib
(4) Run the installation executable file:
To view the End User License Agreement, press Enter.
To accept the license agreement, scroll down the document, type “yes” and press Enter.
To install Converter Standalone Client, press Enter. The default is set to “yes”.
To install Converter Standalone Server, press Enter. The default is set to “yes”.
Press Enter to accept the default directories.
The remote access to Converter Standalone Server is set to “no” be default.
To enable the remote access, type “yes” and press Enter when prompted.
Press Enter to accept all defaults and complete the installation.
(5) Start, Stop, or Restart the Converter Standalone Server
Converter Standalone Server script is located at /etc/init.d/ directory by default.
To start, stop or restart Converter Standalone Server, type ./vmware-server start [stop/restart].
(6) Start Converter Standalone Client
Converter client executable is located at /usr/bin/ directory by default.
It needs graphical environment to start.
In terminal, type ./vmware-converter-client to start Converter Standalone Client.