VI3 vs HyperV cost per application calculator

Do you need to see the cost savings for VMware Infrastructure 3 vs Hyper V with System Center? Well, just like they say about the iphone “There is an app for that”. All you have to do is go to the “VMware Cost-Per-Application Calculator” enter in some information and it will return a report.

The calculator takes your answers to:

1. Number of applications: 10 to 1000 VMs
2. Virtualization host type: Server A (2 socket, dual-core CPU, 16 GB RAM, 3 NICs – $5,000) or Server B (2 socket, quad-core CPU, 32 GB RAM, 4 NICs – $8,000)
3. VMware Infrastructure 3 Edition: Foundation, Standard, or Enterprise
4. Management deployment: Virtual or Physical
5. Cost of electric power: Low, Average, High
6. Cost of real estate: Low, Average, High

Hit the submit and some magic is done. The report of course makes some assumptions of cost for storage, network, hardware, software, etc. The details can’t be modified either but still I think the information can be useful. VMware has taken what I am use to doing in a spreadsheet and made it look easy in this nicely formatted web report. They have a white paper on the site that goes into detail about the numbers they used for the reporting which could help understand the information more.

Not a bad report but everyone should get there own real world numbers for costs and capacity in their environment. Some times these calculators are subjective and should be used as a reference only.