vmforce on it's way

The vmforce.com site today has now provided some more information as to what it really is. I think most knew it had something to do with cloud computing but the details were speculative. With the “unvailing” of vmforce.com, developer now have a platform to create and deploy enterprise applications that can run in the cloud. This could be good and bad but lets not get into that right now.

I couldn’t help but notice though the similarities with Google App Engine which gives similar if not the same promise. Both have a plugin to Eclispe, use Java based language, both can be uploaded easily to the cloud, and they both could be scaled in the cloud to help guarantee performance. So while the annoucement doesn’t bring anything that isn’t out in the wild to day but it does claim to be “Enterprise Ready” in so many words. Pretty soon this may end up being a seal of approval for cloud services providers stamped on their websites.

I have not seen any mention of cost which to me is just as important security and being enterprise grade but I assume since this space will be crawling with competition soon it will not be priced in the clouds.  Check out the website http://www.vmforce.com/ .

What do you think about this announce and will it change anything in your life?