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I have been testing Vmware View 4 in the lab for a few weeks. My company is also planning a desktop strategy so I wanted to see for myself what View 4 had to offer since I we use vSphere 4 for our server virtualization. Citrix is also being looked at but I’m a Vmware lover not to take anything away from Citrix and their desktop virtualization products.

So I downloaded the demo, contacted the local VMware engineer for need to know information so that this would be a successful demo then started to install the product softwares. I won’t go into to much detail here because I have to give to VMware but the documentation is pretty well written and to tell you the truth compared to what I have heard from our in house Citrix guy, Vmware’s solution is much simpler.

1. Install the View Composer on the vCenter server.
2. Install and configured the View Manager server (dedicated vm guest).
3. Install and configured a windows 7 vm guest, which is not supported in View 4 but will be in View 4.5 from what I have heard.
4. Installed the agent into the windows 7 vm guest when it was ready
5. Created the “Desktop/Pool” in View Manager then entitled it so that I had access.
6. If you want to have automatically provisioned vm desktops then you will have to create a snapshot of the vm guest then create the automatic desktop/pool.
7. Either install the view client or use a web browser to connect to the View Manager for your vdi experience.

Now again this is high level but in a few hours I was ready to go. It was really simple in my opinion and did not involve a lot of problems, troubleshooting, or calling the engineer for help. The automatic provisioning worked well too. It created the number of vm desktops I set and then added the vm desktops to the domain.

My only real issue I had was around PCoip. I could not get this protocol to work in the lab. I tried increasing the video settings of the vm desktop, I tested to make sure the udp port was receiving data to and from the vm to my desktop using pcattcp.exe, and a few more things from the vmware community all with no luck.

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