Citrix XenServer gets on the free train.

If you have not heard Citrix XenServer is now free and comes with a lot of features when compared to what VMware and Microsoft is giving in their free offerings.

This seems to be a big play on the surface but what is in the fine print I wonder? I do not plan on ditching VI3 right now but I can’t help but test the waters and see what XenServer has to offer in this free version, some are shown below. Yes, the chart compares the XenServer offering to ESXi because they are both free and of course because VMware is the biggest threat in this space, but the XenServer offering has many features that puts it somewhere in the middle of VI3 and ESXi. I can see where XenServer could replace the adaptation of ESXi but I also can’t wait till the ESX 4 release this year and see how VMware plays their hand with this major move from Citrix. You can also follow this blog post at the Citrix community.