I Passed the VCAP-DCA Exam!

I checked my email today and I was glad to see that I had passed my VCAP-DCA exam which I took a couple weeks ago. The exam was hard so don’t think your going to just come in half cocked and pass it. Admittedly this is what I did the first time around and failed but only by around 10 or so points shy of 300 which is a passing score. No one wants to just barely pass a test but I would have taken it so I didn’t have to sit thru the exam again nor loss that hefty exam fee.

Obviously I did much better the second time around making sure that I focused on the exam blueprint that is available for free. VMware also offers a few more resources which are available to help in your successful journey to getting VMware certified.

VCAP4-DCA Resources

The VCAP4-DCA is directed toward System Administrators, Consultants and Technical Support Engineers who can demonstrate their skills in VMware vSphere and VMware vCenter technologies in relation to the datacenter, as well as their knowledge of application and physical-infrastructure services and their integration with the virtual infrastructure.

Here is a visual track of how you can achieve the VCAP-DCA certification.






As you can see you must be VCP4 certified first.

VMware Certified Advanced Professional benefits include: recognition in the industry, use of the “VMware Certified Advanced Professional” logo on business cards and websites, discounted admission to VMworld, and invitations to participate in beta classes and exams. It also helps in your path to gaining the VCDX4 certification if you so choose to move in that direction.


I Passed the VCAP-DCA Exam! originally appeared on theHyperadvisor by Antone Heyward


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  1. Harold

    Congrats on the pass! How much time did you take to prepare for your second attempt? Was it more difficult the second time? I am getting ready to retake the test in a few weeks (missed passing by 19 points) and I want to be sure that I knock it out this time!

  2. Antone Heyward

    Thanks. I still used all the time allotted to me. I would say I had about 20 minutes to go back and try the ones I skipped. It was not more difficult. I studied more on the things I knew I missed the first time around and strengthened those I already knew. I hope you get it the second time around as I did, just make sure your prepared and don’t waste a lot of time on each question.

  3. Harold

    Ok thanks. The time management killed me for sure. I probably would have passed the first attempt had I paid more attention to that earlier in the test.

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