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PHD Virtual Backup Product Review

February 29, 2020

Data protection is very important in this day and age so I have been evaluating many products that focus on protecting data for virtualized environments. Recently I had the chance the evaluate PHD Virtual Backup and Replication. This product stems from what used to be called esXpress back in the day. For those that...
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VCP5 Passed.

February 28, 2020

I can proudly say that I have passed the VCP5 exam and like so many others who have scrambled last minute to get the VCP5 exam out of the way at the last minute I am glad it’s done. Now, if you still haven’t taking the test it may already be to late for...
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The Top Blog Sites 2012 have been announced.

February 27, 2020

The top blog sites have been announced and can be found over at the vSphere-Land blog site. Eric Siebert puts on what is sort of like the UFC for VMware focused blog sites each year. Well, maybe it's not that brutal but there always seems to be a bloody battle for the top bloggers....
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Is the Cloud truly ready for backup?

February 16, 2020

I was asked during a disaster recovery session if the cloud could be used as a destination for backups. I guess this question could be simply answered as yes. I’m sure you already know that storage in the cloud is being used for data backup and on some scale for disaster recovery. While I...
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New Beta Build of CloudStack Acton 3.0 now available

February 6, 2020

CloudStack is open source software written in java that is designed to deploy and manage large networks of virtual machines, as a highly available, scalable cloud computing platform. CloudStack current supports the most popular open source hypervisors VMware, Oracle VM, KVM, XenServer and Xen Cloud Platform.
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Embotics V-Commander 4.2 Review

February 1, 2020

Some years back I noticed this Embotics and its software at VMworld. Back then they also had a monitoring and reporting software called V-Scout that is now no more. The product has way to much in the way of features to get into all of them here. Check out the product page here for...
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