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EMC Avamar Replication manual cron job setup

May 15, 2020

First off let me say that the instructions in this post are not sanctioned by EMC or Myself so if you decide to follow them your on your own and can't hold anyone liable but yourself. I encourage anyone needing to create a secondary replication cron to call EMC support. But if you know...
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EMC PowerPath/VE Installation with vSphere 5 and Update Manager

May 7, 2020

Installing updates, extensions, and upgrading esx is very easy with vSphere Update Manager and here is one way how it can be used to install EMC PowerPath/VE. The same process can be used to install other extensions but lets stay focused. PowerPath/VE is used to optimize storage i/o and automate path failures. It ...
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VMware View 5.1 Announced

May 2, 2020

VMware View 5.1 was announced today along with various other End-User solutions which can be found on this page. View 5.1 is not a major release but will come with many improvements. Here is some of what we'll have to look forward to with View 5.1.
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