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Microsoft System Center with SP1 is available.

December 27, 2020
Microsoft System Center with SP1 is available.

Just in time for Christmas and the New Year the long awaited SP1 for System Center 2012 is available. At least to those of us on Technet and MSDN. I’m a bit late on sending this out since it’s been available on Technet since the 20th of December. It boggled my mind that Microsoft...
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Configuring NIC Teaming in Powershell on Windows Server 2012

December 21, 2020

So lets configure NIC Teaming in Powershell now.
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Configuring NIC Teaming with Server Manager in Windows Server 2012

December 18, 2020

In Windows Server 2012 NIC Teaming, you get to finally have nic teaming functionality built in. The built-in NIC teaming is extremely easy to configure, set and manage. Another important point to make here is that it also supports multiple vendors in the same NIC team.
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iPad Mini Surface with Jump App

December 17, 2020

Thinking about trading in that iPad for a Windows tablet device? Well before you do, you may want to try using an application called "Jump" in the Apple app store that will turn your iPad into a Windows tablet like the Surface - well sort of.
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PHD Virtual Backup 6.1 is out.

December 3, 2020
PHD Virtual Backup 6.1 Rollback Recovery

PHD Virtual Backup has another update that brings with it features that help enhance an already great backup solution for VMware virtualized guests. PHD Virtual Backup 6.1 now has a feature called Rollback Recovery. With this feature you’ll be able to do a full VM restore from a PHD Virtual Backup much faster than...
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