Get Openstack on CentOS and RHEL with RDO

So I have been struggling with the idea of getting to know Openstack in-depth because previous attempts quickly made me realize that it wasn’t going to be easy and I just didn’t have the time. Now some may agree or disagree with me but it’s a pain in the rear to get all the different pieces setup and configured for OpenStack even when it’s on a small scale. Plus, it seemed more difficult for a Redhat/CentOS linux guy as oppose to someone that worked with Ubuntu. I’ll admit that I gave it a shot in the past but wasted lots of time and energy with the learning curve of Openstack while also having to get used to the ins and outs of Ubuntu. Even though I got it mostly install and setup using some of the scripted installations it was not perfect so I gave up and spent my time working with something I was more happy dealing with, CloudStack. I won’t go into the differences or the “This is better or worse because….”.

Fast forward and I am still very interested in learning Openstack in-depth but this time I have RDO to assist. By using what Redhat calls packstack to automate the installation and setup process with puppet at its core you could be up and running with OpenStack on CentOS or RHEL in no time. There is even a setup process for Havana with neutron networking. Now I’m still at odds with the fact that OpenStack is so complicated to install that in order to get it up and running requires a bunch of automation scripts. Just imagine having to support an OpenStack environment with all its components hosting thousands of instances when something goes wrong. At least now the install and setup process is making it easier to stand up environments so that we can get more experience with the ins and outs of OpenStack and it’s components.

For a good resource on OpenStack check out the “Couch to OpenStack” training series put together by the #vBrownBag team.

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