My New Years Resolution 2014

The new year has come and most people are making there resolutions clear as to what they plan on doing this time around. For some it may be a repeat of the old with small tweaks and for others a huge overhaul is needed in their life. I know you probably don’t want to read another persons goals for the new year but if you keep reading on that’s exactly what your going to get.

Personally I think my goals are somewhat the same as last year and revolve around ‘better health’ and ‘cloud computing’. Lets focus on the latter since the theme of this site is technology. Last year my goal was to really get more insight and depth with Microsoft Virtual Manchine Manager and Hyper-V 2012. That mixed with learning more about public cloud computing and opensource cloud platforms which made things pretty challenging as these are broad and generalized topics. So this year I think my main goal is to focus a bit more on a particular opensource cloud platform while also trying to keep my knowledge fresh on those solutions I’ve learned in the past i.e. VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V.

That opensource cloud platform that I tend to focus more on is, and you’ve probably guessed it, Apache CloudStack. This doesn’t mean that it’s better than the others like OpenStack. It’s just a choose at this point in time that I want to give more of my time too. I’m sure I’ll go off track from time to time to dabble with OpenStack but hey I’m human. Here is the order of importance I plan to rank these virtualization / cloud technologies and remember this is not ranking of which is better.
1. CloudStack & KVM
2. Microsoft Hyper-V
3. VMware vSphere
4. OpenStack

Now with that list in mind, I can’t leave out orchestration and automation, distributed storage and software defined networking (SDN) in the context of how it interacts or integrated with CloudStack. You can see how “focus” becomes an extremely thing to do but it could be worse. At least it would be related and revolve around CloudStack. I’ve gotten much more familair with puppet, saltstack, glusterfs and KVM than I ever would have over the last year but there good technologies to know and learn in this field. Plus, more is better right? Well………to a point.

That’s it for the list I’m personally wanting to follow for this year. Will it change? Probably so.

What’s on your list?

My New Years Resolution 2014 originally appeared on theHyperadvisor by Antone Heyward

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