CentOS Linux Template Networking Issue

October 29, 2020

If you have every created a linux virtual machine template you’ve probably experienced the issue where a new ethernet device would be created on each VM instance created from that template. For those that have not found the resolution to this problem are in for a treat if your working with CentOS or RHEL....
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Cloudstack: API and Template Building Tip #1

October 28, 2020

The tip I have for you this time is to use CloudStacks interface for accessing meta-data about you instance from within the instance. It’s very simple to use and can be very useful. In this tip I’ll show how you can use the meta-data to rename a CentOS 6.4 linux instance automatically after it...
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CloudStack 4.2 RPM build how to

September 25, 2020

CloudStack 4.2 is ready for release but the site has not updated so that you can just update your repo and install or upgrade so in this post I'll go thru the process I use to compile from source. You can use this process for other versions but some things may change. You could...
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oVirt 3.3 is now released

September 17, 2020

oVirt 3.3 is now release. If you have no idea what oVirt is or what it's used for put simply it's pretty similar to VMware vCenter except open source and doesn't manage ESX. oVirt is a centralized management solution used to manage KVM hosts and GlusterFS as well as other aspects of your virtualization...
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MSFT are trying to further weaken Red Hat more publicly

September 4, 2020

Now I don't think I have to say that this came from someone employed at a certain company that starts with an "S" and ends with an "E". I have nothing against the company or this person that sent the email because I understand where that persons motives are. But don't try to sell...
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Apache Cloudstack Management Post Installation Pt.4

July 8, 2020

So for this post I decided to do a video showing what to do after the you've completed the initial steps. It only shows the process for creating a Zone with all it's required resources like storage and hosts. The video was done using version 4.0 but it works for 4.1. The only difference...
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CloudStack: cloud-agent dead but subsys locked (continued)

July 7, 2020

I thought I'd continue on this topic for those who may be having different issues for the cloudstack-agent not starting. First thing you should do is check your logs and in one case I was able to reproduce this issue.
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Cloudstack 4.1 Manager Post Installation

June 19, 2020

Before adding your hosts in the cloudstack manager you need to pressed the system vm template. This does not go over the process for setting up the storage backend (NFS).
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RDO has stepped up to the plate to simplify Openstack installations.

June 18, 2020

Finally there's an easy way to deploy Openstack on Redhat and CentOS. RDO is a community of people using and deploying OpenStack on Red Hat and Red Hat-based platforms. I have always thought that it's been much too complicated to install and setup Openstack and all it's components. With RDO I was able to...
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Cloudstack 4.1 Host (Agent) Installation

June 17, 2020

CloudStack is now at 4.1 and there have been many changes. This means that the installation process has also changed so I wanted to update the process I outlined from a previous post ( for CloudStack 4.1. I will outline some of those changes, which is really only one for the kvm host server,...
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