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EMC PowerPath/VE Installation with vSphere 5 and Update Manager

Installing updates, extensions, and upgrading esx is very easy with vSphere Update Manager and here is one way how it can be used to install EMC PowerPath/VE. The same process can be used to install other extensions but lets stay focused. PowerPath/VE is used to optimize storage i/o and automate path failures. It aids in making your environment more robust for those business critical applications. As I write this, I’ll assume that you vSphere Update Manager and plugin has already been installed and setup.

Homedir Sweepergui

The app scans the homedir directory you choose and checks the name of the homedir folders to accounts in AD. For this to be useful the homedir folders should have the same name as the users logon. I created this tool for file server cleanup of old, none used data and homedirs after the Active Directory users have been disabled or deleted. Our file servers are always running into space issues so being able to reclaim space quickly and remove old employee data helps reclaim space that would other wise be wasted.