Redhat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) 2.2 Beta

Redhat has made their RHEV 2.2 beta available to current customers. A lot of work has been done to make it seamless to transition from Vmware and Xen to RHEV using what they call V2V and the ovf format. The new version is set to use the RHEL 5.5 kernel which adds add support for some of the latest Intel and AMD processors. And there manager now collects and stores more information about the virtual environment. Check out the complete announcement here.

I love Vmware but can’t wait till the release is available and I get my hands on this just to checkout what the competition has. Redhat’s virtualization offering is getting some more good features, functionality and scalability. Could the new version bring more people to make the switch from Vmware or Xen?