Using vdrfilerestore.exe for file level restores

This video shows how to use vdrfilerestore.exe from vmware to do a file level restore.

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  1. vAwareness | Blog | Test driving VMware Data Recovery (vDR)

    […] There is also the ability to restore at the file level. At this time it is experimental. I have seen post were others have had issues but it works well for me. You have to run the “vdrfilerestore.exe” in a command prompt which the correct switches “vdrfilerestore.exe -a <vdr server>” from the vm guest that you want to do a file level restore from. You are prompted to select the restore point, then it mounts the restore to a drive letter in the OS of the vm guest. Then you basically browse the drive and copy what you need. Once you are done, the drive can be unmounted from the command prompt. See this in action here. […]

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