TrainSignal vSphere Online Training

I have been using this online training from TrainSignal for at least a month now. There are many topics covered in their training packages for Vmware. I have been focused on watching vSphere Pro Series Vol 2 which covers topics like SRM, Data Recovery, Power CLI, Advanced features in vSphere, and the Veeam Management Suite. The online streaming videos worked well on my iPhone and iPad devices as well as my Mac, Linux, and Windows systems. It is great to have this flexibility since I never know when I will get the free time to watch the videos either at home, work, or on the go. Even over my 3G connection the videos streamed very well.

A good amount of detail is covered in the videos so I think most people will find them very valuable to have on hand. There are demos available on the web page so I would suggest anyone looking to learning any of the topics available on their site to check them out.