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What does the Enterprise mean for Big Data?

One of the big talks these days is around “Big Data” and the rising interest in the enterprise. This term “Big Data” is no different to the term “Cloud Computing” in the fact that it’s a general statement to simplify something that’s much more complex when you dig into the details. So in it’s simplest form “Big Data” is the practice of gathering, storing and analyzing lots of data. The first thing most will think about when the term “Big Data” is brought up is Hadoop. Simply put Hadoop, along with MapReduce and HDFS, is the framework or platform that makes consuming and analyzing “Big Data” possible in a scalable way.


Storage for the new age of Cloud. Thinking outside the box.

So in the VMware Community podcast this week we got to talking a post that Massimo wrote about how he sees the storage path of the future. You should and can check it out here. I understand it’s a general interpretation of something that is not yet something we can implement as he lays it out but it shows that he is thinking outside the box. I really like where his head. While I read the post it got me to thinking as well but it was too much to comment on his post so I decided to do a post as well on pretty much the same topic but with my own spin on it.