What does the Enterprise mean for Big Data?

April 16, 2020

One of the big talks these days is around "Big Data" and the rising interest in the enterprise. This term "Big Data" is no different to the term "Cloud Computing" in the fact that it's a general statement to simplify something that's much more complex when you dig into the details. So in it's...
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Storage for the new age of Cloud. Thinking outside the box.

September 6, 2020
Storage for the new age of Cloud. Thinking outside the box.

So in the VMware Community podcast this week we got to talking a post that Massimo wrote about how he sees the storage path of the future. You should and can check it out here. I understand it's a general interpretation of something that is not yet something we can implement as he...
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Performance test of ioTurbine with VM in VMware vSphere 5

July 25, 2020

I just wanted to show some simple testing results from using ioTurbine. The environment consists of a HP BL460G7 blades which has a 320GB IO Accelerator from FusionIO.
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EMC Avamar Replication manual cron job setup

May 15, 2020

First off let me say that the instructions in this post are not sanctioned by EMC or Myself so if you decide to follow them your on your own and can't hold anyone liable but yourself. I encourage anyone needing to create a secondary replication cron to call EMC support. But if you know...
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Avamar VMware Virtual Machine Protection Pt.1

April 30, 2020

I wanted to give some insight into how Avamar protects VMware virtual machines. I have been using Avamar 6.0.x and most of the management and configuration from a Mac. Since the operating systems running on the Avamar servers and proxies are linux, having a terminal comes in handy. Plus the management using Avamar Administrator...
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EMC Avamar has lots of Ying but not so much Yang

April 3, 2020

First off let me say that Avamar is a great product and hopefully this won't sound like a rant. I started working with Avamar last year and quickly saw the value in this product which provides enterprise class data protection (backups) to disk. The architecture I went with consisted of large centralized grids, multiple...
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Replication and Exporter for PHD Virtual Backup

March 14, 2020

So, continuing on a post I did for the PHD Virtual backup and recovery solution, which can be used to protect your VMware vSphere environment I wanted to give more detail on the replication and export features of the product. It doesn’t have to be said but backup and recovery is key in any...
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Upgraded my Samsung Galaxy Tab with Ice Cream Sandwich

March 5, 2020

So I took a chance and rooted then upgraded my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with Android 4.0.3 or Ice Cream Sandwich as its called. My tablet now has new life. This version of android is so much better than Honeycomb and runs nicely on this tablet. One thing that doesn’t work in this rom...
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Storage is the key element driving virtualization.

October 31, 2020

Earlier this month Tintri did a survey that asked customers about what challenges they faced with virtualization and more. The full article is can be found here. It was clear from the survey that the most significant hurdles to virtualization expansion were with storage.
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Tintri VMstore is getting some updates.

August 25, 2020

Tintri VMstore is a storage appliance that's built for VMware. Its VM-aware file system brings some innovative features that set it apart from general purpose storage products. If you haven't seen my original deep dive, check it out here.
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