oVirt 3.3 is now released

September 17, 2020

oVirt 3.3 is now release. If you have no idea what oVirt is or what it's used for put simply it's pretty similar to VMware vCenter except open source and doesn't manage ESX. oVirt is a centralized management solution used to manage KVM hosts and GlusterFS as well as other aspects of your virtualization...
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At CloudOpen and LinuxCon

September 15, 2020

I ready for CloudOpen and LinuxCon this year in New Orleans. It's a bit funny I was just in New Orleans not long ago for TechEd 2013. There's a lot ahead but here are some of the things I'm looking forward to.
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RDO has stepped up to the plate to simplify Openstack installations.

June 18, 2020

Finally there's an easy way to deploy Openstack on Redhat and CentOS. RDO is a community of people using and deploying OpenStack on Red Hat and Red Hat-based platforms. I have always thought that it's been much too complicated to install and setup Openstack and all it's components. With RDO I was able to...
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TechEd Keynote for the Adult in Me, WWDC Keynote for the Kid in Me

June 11, 2020

After watching the keynote for WWDC today something came to mind. It was of a commercial but it took awhile for me to actually remember what it was about. All I could remember was that it pleased the adult and the kid in a person. I thought about it because of how excited I...
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Apache Cloudstack 4.1.0 Released

June 5, 2020

Apache Cloudstack 4.1.0 has been released. This is the first major release since Match 20th. Lots of development time went into this release. There is a known issue with 4.1.0 and a recent Tomcat release. This has been addressed in the convenience binaries, but is still present in 4.1.0 source release. They working on...
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Automatic Activation for VMs on Windows Datacenter Server R2

June 4, 2020

License key management for virtual machines running in Hyper-V will become automatic in R2. This is definitely a nice and welcome feature but from what I know now it will only be available if your virtualization host is running Windows Datacenter 2012 R2. Plus the only operating system currently listed to support this feature...
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My “VM” is Bigger Than Yours! Who really cares?

November 1, 2020

I'm not sure about anyone else but I'm really over hearing how big of a VM a vendor can create or the promise of 1 million IOPS. This really became annoying while sitting in a presentation about Microsoft's latest version of Hyper-V but VMware, you also think the size of your "V" M is...
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Free Updated Introducing Windows Server 2012 - RTM Edition Ebook

September 6, 2020
Free Updated Introducing Windows Server 2012 – RTM Edition Ebook

Mitch Tulloch has updated his free ebook on Windows Server 2012 based on the RTM version of the software. This free ebook has much valuable information on the new Windows Server 2012 operating systems platform. It includes both “under-the-hood” information concerning how features work, and strategies, tips, and best practices from experts who have...
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VMware announced vCloud Suite 5.1

August 27, 2020

VMware announced vCloud Suite 5.1 at VMworld 2012 which is their first take on the software defined datacenter. The suite is geared so customers can get the entire set of cloud infrastructure and management capabilities including virtualization, software-defined datacenter services, policy-based provisioning, disaster recovery, application management and operations management all in one easy-to-purchase offering.
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Storage is the key element driving virtualization.

October 31, 2020

Earlier this month Tintri did a survey that asked customers about what challenges they faced with virtualization and more. The full article is can be found here. It was clear from the survey that the most significant hurdles to virtualization expansion were with storage.
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