The Top Blog Sites 2012 have been announced.

The top blog sites have been announced and can be found over at the vSphere-Land blog site. Eric Siebert puts on what is sort of like the UFC for VMware focused blog sites each year. Well, maybe it’s not that brutal but there always seems to be a bloody battle for the top bloggers. You can check out the roster and final scores here. I may not have made it to the top 25 but I’m glad to still be on the list at all. Thanks for all the votes and I’ll have to step up my game this year.

Congrats to all those who made it on the list this year as there were many new comers. And thanks to Eric for putting on this prestigious event each year. I don’t think we all do it for the glory but it’s hard work and time consuming to blog, do videos, create scripts, create tools, etc and stay relevant. So I give mad props to all those who steps into the octagon, give it their all and leave with the respect of their fellow man or woman.