oVirt 3.3 is now released

oVirt 3.3 is now release. If you have no idea what oVirt is or what it’s used for put simply it’s pretty similar to VMware vCenter except open source and doesn’t manage ESX. oVirt is a centralized management solution used to manage KVM hosts and GlusterFS as well as other aspects of your virtualization environment. If your just looking to create and manage virtual machines, oVirt has you convered and includes many of those got to have features like HA and live migration. If you just looking to manage gluster nodes as you scale out, oVirt can also handle this very well even letting you import current glusterfs clusters you may already have setup. Gluster is not hard to setup and manage without a GUI from my experience but hey….to each his own.

Where oVirt is trying to really shine is where you want to manage both KVM and Gluster together. This could be in a setup where you have KVM and glusterfs running on the same nodes or separated in their own clusters. I’ve had challenges with managing KVM and glusterfs on the same nodes with oVirt 3.x so far, even with 3.4 which is not released yet so take it for what it is. It’s clear that oVirt and gluster integration is getting tighter.

One of the more interesting things is that oVirt is supporting more OpenStack components. oVirt is supposedly able to support Glance for the use VM templates and Neutron service for the definition of VLANs, virtual routing and virtual NICs. Unfortunately for me I have not tested any of this integration yet but it would interesting to leverage resources back and forth from one solution to the other. oVirt is a pretty solid open source virtualization management platform for KVM. Get more information here and try it out.


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