Apache Cloudstack Management Post Installation Pt.4

So for this post I decided to do a video showing what to do after the you’ve completed the initial steps. It only shows the process for creating a Zone with all it’s required resources like primary and secondary storage and hosts. The video was done using version 4.0 but it works for 4.1. The only difference is that the UI has had some nice updates and visual touches to it.



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  1. Dan

    Antone, I have searched everywhere for the default login and username for the system vms. Do you have any information on this?

    • Antone Heyward

      Been on vacation brotha and just catching up on the comments. This should be pretty easy but your right trying to find information on cloudstack right now is slim. Here is what you do. Log into the host with the systemvm then run “ssh -i /root/.ssh/id_rsa.cloud -p 3922 [email protected]” Make sure you use the “Link Local IP Address” when connecting. Hope this helps.

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