Configuring NIC Teaming in Powershell on Windows Server 2012

So lets configure NIC Teaming in Powershell now.

The first thing you’ll need to do is see what network adapters you currently have setup.

Type: “Get-NetAdapter” to get the list of network interfaces.

Now with this information we can create the NIC team.

Type: “New-NetlbfoTeam” to start the creation process.

You will be asked for the “TeamMembers” that will be apart of the NIC team one by one. Enter the NIC names i.e. “Ethernet” then hit enter. When there are no more team members to add just hit enter while the current “TeamMember” prompt is empty.

You will be asked to confirm the information and once you hit “Enter” or type “Y”

Hands down this is the quickest way I have ever configured NIC teaming on a server with or without a GUI.