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Does the enterprise need open source cloud platform

This is a question that came up which made me wonder why does the enterprise really need an open source cloud platforms like Openstack, CloudStack, Eucalyptus, etc. What I tend to hear is that our IT needs to be more like AWS, Rackspace or Azure but what does that really mean? When I dissect that response here is what I think about the open source cloud platform question in the enterprise. I make these statements purely from my experience and by defining the “enterprise” as the internal organizations of a business.


PHD Virtual Backup 6.5

PHD Virtual Backup has been updated to 6.5 and with this upgrade comes a few very important new features. If you have seen any of my previous reviews of this product you’ll note that I’m using it to backup and protect VMware vSphere virtual machines. This version supports vSphere 5.1 and comes in an easy to install and configure virtual appliance. I will not get into the step of deploying the virtual appliance since I’ve done this before and it’s a really simple thing to do now a days if your familiar with VMware vSphere.


Embotics V-Commander and VMware vCloud Director

vCloud Director and V-Commander are both solutions that are designed to help companies move pass plain ole virtualization. With the latest release of vSphere 5.1 those licensed with vSphere Enterprise Plus have to the option for a limited time to get a free upgrade to the new vCloud Suite Standard which includes vCloud Director 5.1. Having already used V-Commander I asked myself should I start looking at vCloud Director? Both products brings the promise of self service automated provisioning of VMware vSphere virtual machines templates but is one better than the other? Here is what I have found out by some spending time with both product.